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Effect of Deworming Heifers on Gain and Reproduction

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Title: Effect of Deworming Heifers on Gain and Reproduction
Author: Kirsch, J.D.; Kreft, B.J.; Slangers, W.D.; Johnson, L.J.; Boyles, S.L.
Description: The objective of this trial study was to determine the effect of intraruminally injected oxfendazole had on egg counts of parasites in cattle fecal matter, the average body weight gain of the cattle and in the increase in heifer reproduction. A discussion of the trial method is outlined. The location where the cattle were given injections did not abscess. Several parasites were reduced. De-wormed heifers did gain faster in the feedlot and pasture stages. Final heifer weights were not different than those untreated. Conclusion: intraruminal injection of oxfendazole appeared effective and the easiest manner to administer this anthelmintic.
Date: 1992-93
Subject: Livestock production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8300

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