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Variations in Shape of Perennial Sowthistle

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Title: Variations in Shape of Perennial Sowthistle
Author: Bell, Allyn R.; Nalewaja, John D.; Schooler, Arnold B.; Alam, Sultanul
Description: The objective of this article and study discussed was to discover if sowthistles were variable in their susceptibility to herbicides and to identify the resistant plants on the basis of differences within their cell structures/appearance. Preliminary study, at this time, indicated that sowthistles could vary widely in their physical appearance, which pointed to genetic diversity. In addition to the variation in shape, sowthistle leaves vary in texture. The leaves of some plants are thick and waxy while others are thin and wax free. Some young leaves are covered with many fine bristles while others have only a few. Preliminary investigations involving two different lines of sowthistle grown from root sections demonstrated a difference in susceptibility to low rates to herbicides.
Date: 1968
Subject: Weeds
Plant biology
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8982

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