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Competitiveness of U.S. Agricultural Products in the World Market

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Title: Competitiveness of U.S. Agricultural Products in the World Market
Author: Koo, Won W.
Description: A brief history of North Dakota agricultural exports is covered briefly. In the mid-1970's, this Period displayed an unprecedented growth. In 1981, a steady decline had already began. Several things factoring into the decrease in the 1980's are given. The issue of 'competiveness' in the world marketplace is cited due to the then, GATT talks in Uruguay. Author Won K. Koo uses a spatial equilibrium model to analyze North Dakota's concerns in a world market. Woo recommends North Dakota farmers increase exports of value-added products, to differentiate its’ crops from other states, to produce specialty crops and to develop its’ own bilateral trade agreements with individual importing countries for these aforementioned products.
Date: 1990
Subject: Trade
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9008

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