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EOS 1: Evolution of Sustainability

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JT's Thesis Book 5-13-10.pdf
Title: EOS 1: Evolution of Sustainability
Author: Thomas, Jonathan
Abstract: Human interaction is a real need fulfilled by simple communication, verbal or non verbal. Individualism and congregation are part of everyday settings. The built environment has a large influence on how and when these interactions take place. This thesis is focused on the redevelopment of downtown Houston. This community utilizes two undeveloped blocks in the "inner loop" on the border of the high-rise district, and the underdeveloped old industrial district, which was rezoned long ago. The project embraces both individuality and communal need through its integration of spaces though sound Architectural principles. E.O.S. stands for "The Evolution of Sustainability". The building of economical and sustainable communities, that can support a mixture of income levels and house the exchange of both goods and services, is crucial to the health of our future society. EOS is also the name of a Greek Goddess: "Goddess of the dawn", which is appropriate because of the harvesting of natural light that drives the design of the project. The project includes residential living units, retail spaces, restaurants and cafes, and public use areas of both interior and exterior spaces.
Date: 2010-05
Subject: Multipurpose buildings -- Texas -- Houston.
Sustainable architecture.
Urban renewal.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9285

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