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Internationalization of NDSU Agriculture

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Title: Internationalization of NDSU Agriculture
Author: Wilson, WIlliam W.; Nelson, William C.; Dunca, Marvin
Description: The majority of livestock and crops were imported to North Dakota from Europe or other continents. The initial reasoning behind crop importation into North Dakota was with the goal of exportation of to Europe whose economies where disrupted by war. Only the sunflower is a native of North America and corn to Latin America. North Dakota did and still does face a partial dependency upon the remainder for genetic materials and research cooperation with other countries. North Dakota was and is still dependent upon exportation of it's agricultural goods. North Dakota State University from it's inception has played a large and important role in it's research on crop improvements and gathering genetic stock for this research. In 1991, NDSU was expanding it's international linkages, recognizing the importance of international cooperation in developing new technology, new varieties, new breeds, in understanding the increasingly competitive marketplace, in education and training. The next section in this article discusses more in depth NDSUs strategies in effecting such. Reduced trade tariffs, trade barriers and GATT were cited as possibly helping North Dakota's economy. The authors believed that this increased internationalization of North Dakota's agricultural economy would create jobs and increased revenues for North Dakota. They believed that NDSUs part in this was paramount.
Date: 1991
Subject: North Dakota State University
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9593

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