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Economic Impact of Leafy Spurge on North Dakota Wildland

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Title: Economic Impact of Leafy Spurge on North Dakota Wildland
Author: Leistritz, F. Larry; Leitch, Jay A.; Wallace, Nancy M.
Description: This was a study to access the economic impact of the weed, leafy spurge, upon a spectrum of North Dakota arenas.Reduced recreation, reduced soil and water conservation, reduced personal income and lost cash outlays due to reduced livestock were cited as being impacted negatively. Authors of this article and study acknowledge that many guesstimates were made in these figures used for calculations. Thus, an unknown margin of error did exist. At the time of this writing (mid-1980s), authors commented how a cost effective method of controlling leafy spurge was needed. However, that it was at that time not cost effective.
Date: 1992
Subject: Euphorbia esula
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9604

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