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Four Grain Sorghum/Barley Diets for Feedlot Steers

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Title: Four Grain Sorghum/Barley Diets for Feedlot Steers
Author: Anderson, V. L.
Description: The focus of this paper was four grain Sorghum/Barley diets for feedlot steers. Barley was cited as a cost effective and safe feed for several types of livestock if mixed with other grains that are high energy and not served alone or with simply alfalfa. Grain sorghum was used as an inexpensive feed for livestock, too. Grain sorghum and barley until this time hadn't been combined together as a feed. A 2-year study was conducted to research this. It was discovered that a 25/75 ratio of either 25% barley/75% grain sorghum or vice versa was just as effective as traditional grain mixes. a 50/50 combination was not as effective.
Date: 1992
Subject: Cattle
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9605

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