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Leafy Spurge A Candidate For Biological Control

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Title: Leafy Spurge A Candidate For Biological Control
Author: Moran, Gary
Description: This is an article on a biological verses chemical response to a problematic weed, Leafy Spurge. The writer of this article cited the high costs of attempting to control of pest problems. He believed that addressing these with natural solutions might prove more effective and cost effective. He cited how the growth of chemicals in agriculture had increased since WWII and stated how problems before had to be addressed other ways before. In the US, no insects were able to overcome these barriers. He cited how imported insects needed to be screened extensively as to not negatively affect the ecosystem in North Dakota and the US. A realistic approach to control this weed would include grazing management, biological management, selected chemicals and cultural control.
Date: 1992
Subject: Euphorbia esula
Weed control
Biological control
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9608

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