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Goldrush - A New Russet Potato Variety

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Title: Goldrush - A New Russet Potato Variety
Author: Thopson-Johns, A.; Gudmestad, N.C.; Secor, G.A.; Farnsworth, B.L.; Johansen, R.H.
Description: In 1993, the usage of microwave ovens to 'zap' baking potatoes made the their future appear bright. The new variety of Russet potato, Goldrush, was developed at NDSU in 1992.The cross that resulted in the Goldrush occurred in a greenhouse in 1980. The Goldrush is medium in it's maturity rate and has a medium tinsel strength vine. The Goldrush was deemed to posses excellent culinary appeal. It is susceptible to normal potato diseases. However, it stores quite well. The white, earth tone, internal complexion of this potato is unaffected by cooking.
Date: 1993
Subject: Potatoes
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9617

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