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A New Sampling Plan For the North Dakota Wheat Quality Survey

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Title: A New Sampling Plan For the North Dakota Wheat Quality Survey
Author: Graven, Mary; Walsh, David E.; Banasik, Orville J.
Description: The paper is an discussion of the annual crop quality of North Dakota wheat survey conducted by the Department of Cereal Chemistry and Technology and the Cooperative Extension Service, North Dakota State University. Throughout the harvest season, samples are drawn from the major wheat producing counties. A study was made to design a statistical sampling plan which would improve t he efficiency of the crop surveys. The plan proposed was compared for accuracy against the old method on the data from the past five years. It was concluded that it is possible to design a statistically based sampling plan which minimizes the size of sample required to obtain a valid picture of wheat crop quality. Based on wheat quality data for the past five years, the proposed plan compared favorably with the old sampling plan.
Date: 1974
Subject: Wheat
Crop quality
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9691

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