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Ergot in Growing-Finishing Swine Rations

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Title: Ergot in Growing-Finishing Swine Rations
Author: Harrold, R. L.; Dinusson, W. E.; Haugse, C. N.; Johnson, J. N.
Description: The article addresses ergot bodies (or sclerotia) found in swine feed. Ergot contain alkaloids, extremely toxic compounds which are capable of producing drastic changes in body chemistry. There are many alkaloids and the potency of each varies with changes in the basic chemical structure. Ergot from different growing sites may contain varying levels of total alkaloids as well as different proportions of the individual alkaloids. Plant species have been affected by ergot. Animals have physiologic effects due to ergot ingestion. This article addresses a study with the objectives on the effects of low levels of ergot in swine rations and to detect ergot toxicity in swine visibly.
Date: 1974
Subject: Swine
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9692

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