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Barley in Rations For Baby Pigs

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Title: Barley in Rations For Baby Pigs
Author: Roers, J. E.; Harrold, R. L.; Haugse, C. N.; Dinusson, W. E.
Description: The article concerns itself with the potential for the utilization of barley in swine rations. The hull and fiber content, lower energy (bulkiness), and lack of palatability have been given as reasons for the infrequent use of barley in rations for baby pigs. It is possible that the lack of palatability of barley rations for early weaned pigs could be overcome by pelleting the otherwise bulky, dusty, barley meal rations. A series of experiments was planned and initiated to investigate some aspects of rations for early-weaned pigs. The experiments concluded that it would be difficult to formulate a creep ration using barley as any appreciable amount of the ration and still meet the suggested energy requirements.
Date: 1974
Subject: Feeds
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9696

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