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The Canadian Wheat Marketing System

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Title: The Canadian Wheat Marketing System
Author: Petry, Tim; Anderson, Don
Description: In 1975, the erratic wheat market of the past two years increased interest North Dakota wheat producers on the subject of world wheat trade. As Canada was a major competitor for wheat grown in North Dakota, producers should be aware of Canadian wheat marketing practices. Canada's wheat marketing system is essentially a combination of public and private enterprise marketing wheat grown by Canadian wheat farmers. In this market situation the Canadian Wheat Board, through its delivery quota system and the issuance of permit books, controls the off farm flow of all wheat. Th e Canadian Grain Commission supervises the handling, weighing and grading of wheat. One phase of a study that analyzed competitiveness of North Dakota wheat in the export market identified and explained the role of agencies involved in the Canadian wheat marketing system. Canada is a major competitor for United States wheat, especially dark northern spring a nd durum wheat grown in North Dakota. Due to its relatively small population, Canada must depend on the export market for much of its wheat sales.
Date: 1975
Subject: Wheat
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9707

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