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Performance of Sunflowers in Central and Western North Dakota

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Title: Performance of Sunflowers in Central and Western North Dakota
Author: Fick, G. N.
Description: In 1975, North Dakota was the leading sunflower producing state in the United States with about 400,000 acres harvested. Two tests were conducted and compared on sunflowers at two different sites. Although sunflowers are considered relatively drought tolerant and adapted to a wide range of soil types, little information was available on the performance of sunflowers outside the generally more favorable soil and moisture conditions prevailing in the eastern part of the state. Sunflower yields from variety trials conducted at Carrington, Minot Clnd Williston, ND, under sometimes drought-like conditions. Seed oil contents of oilseed varieties at Minot and Williston were similar to those of sunflowers produced at Casselton in the Red River Valley production area. Oil contents at Carrington and percentage of large seed of confectionery varieties at all three locations were lower than at Casselton. In 1975, the prices and yields, sunflowers were promising promise as an alternative crop for portions of central and western North Dakota.
Date: 1975
Subject: Crop production
Crop quality
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9714

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