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Farm Leasing in North Dakota

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Title: Farm Leasing in North Dakota
Author: Staroba, Arlyn R.; Johnson, Jerome E.
Description: This article presents information culled from a mail survey of farm renters in six widely separated North Dakota counties. The 1973-74 study response was 704 questionnaires reporting on over 1,300 leasing arrangements. Fifty-seven per cent of the leases were crop-share, 41 per cent cash rent, and 2 per cent involved crop-share-cash arrangements. Renting land is important to many North Dakota farmers to acquire and control needed resource s. About 60 per cent of t he farm operators rent all or part of their land resources, and they operate almost three-fourths of the land in the state. Renting facilitates changes in farm size without purchase of land. Farm leasing provides the flexibility needed to adapt to constantly changing agricultural conditions.
Date: 1975
Subject: Leasing
Farm management
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9729

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