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Cando...North Dakota's First Semidwarf Durum

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Title: Cando...North Dakota's First Semidwarf Durum
Author: Quick, J. S.; Miller, J. D.; Donnelly, B. J.
Description: The article is a history and description of the semi-dwarf durum wheat variety 'Cando'. Cando is the name of the town with the most intensive durum growing program in North Dakota. 'Cando' is a dUTum wheat variety ICI 17438) developed by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, North Dakota State University, in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture. This variety is the first semi-dwarf durum released by the Agricultural Experiment Station, NDSU, and it represents a continuous 20-year research effort. Cando is the first semi-dwarf durum variety to possess acceptable quality, disease resistance and agronomic performance for North Dakota. Its availability should allow durum production over a wider area, thereby providing a more stable supply of raw material for pasta production.
Date: 1976
Subject: Durum wheat
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9743

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