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Agricultural Research and Teaching at North Dakota State University

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Title: Agricultural Research and Teaching at North Dakota State University
Author: Hazen, A. G.
Description: This is a history of North Dakota State University as agricultural college dating back to it's beginning as an idea: Article XIX of North Dakota's State Constitution, adopted in 1889 established the agricultural college at Fargo, in Cass county. The first Legislative Assembly of 1890, in Chapter 160 of the Session Laws, established an agricultural experiment station in connection with the agricultural college. NDSU was established as a land grant college. As in all other states with land grants colleges and universities, the teaching program in the College of Agriculture, North Dakota State University, is heavily intertwined with the Agricultural Experiment Station. This is an internationally unique system of teaching and research for agriculture, where the federal and state governments work closely together, where the states are organized and cooperate among themselves, and where the teaching and research programs show significant results.
Date: 1972
Subject: North Dakota State University
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9776

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