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Micro-Brewing and Its Use In Malting Barley Development

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Title: Micro-Brewing and Its Use In Malting Barley Development
Author: Banasik, Orville J.
Description: The article addresses micro-brewing as it affects malting barley development. In any malting barley improvement program, quality data are essential for guidance in selection for the best potential malting types of barley. Limited, but valuable, quality information can be obtained by physical and chemical analysis of barley grain samples. Kernel size, protein, Potential extract and potential diastatic power are the usual determinations that are measured. Small-scale Qr micro-malting of 60-100 grams of barley followed by analysis of the malt gives additional quality information, and will improve the efficiency of selecting acceptable malting types. Micro-brewing at the North Dakota State University is presented. Comparison with pilot brewing, replication, establishing varietal characteristics and the relationship of malt quality to micro-brewing analytical are reviewed. properties. A number of tests are important to the brewer that cannot be determined by small-scale testing.
Date: 1973
Subject: Barley
Business enterprises
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9783

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