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Canadian Grain Standards and the Wheat Export Market

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Title: Canadian Grain Standards and the Wheat Export Market
Author: Maier, Mel; Anderson, Don
Description: The article is an overview of Canadian grain standards and the wheat export market in 1973. Then, recent increases in wheat prices due to record commercial export sales dramatized the increasing importance of the export market as an outlet for North Dakota's wheat production. Producers and those who serve them need to be sensitive and responsive to changes in domestic and export consumers' grain requirements and their attitudes. If demand for North Dakota wheat was to continue, service to customers as well as keeping a competitive price and wheat quality must be maintained. Canada undertook a complete review of it's competitive position in world markets and made a substantial effort to capture a larger share of the world demand for high protein wheat. The Canadian International Grains Institute has been established to expand the informational and technical assistance services available to overseas customers. The Canada Grain Act established several new grades for grains. Each year the Canadian Grain Commission establishes an "export standard" of the No.1 Canada Western Red Spring. This move by the Canadian government makes it increasingly important for the United States to continue to strive for shipments of uniformly high quality spring wheat in export markets. As market needs and production practices change, we must continually re-adjust our market and grading system to meet the needs of an increasing number of overseas buyers throughout the world.
Date: 1973
Subject: Grain crops
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9788

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