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The Quality of North Dakota's 1972 hard red spring wheat

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Title: The Quality of North Dakota's 1972 hard red spring wheat
Author: Sibbitt, L. D.; Banasik, O. J.
Description: The authors present information concerning the overall quality of North Dakota's 1972 hard red spring wheat, which was considered to be generally excellent and similar to the crop produced in 1969. The results of samples taken from the 1972 crop are given. The crop possessed an average test weight is 60.2 pounds per bushel. It's baking characteristics in general were excellent. Dough handling properties were very elastic with no "buckiness" of the dough observed. The physical appearance of the grain was very good but it lacked the luster usually found in Northern Spring Wheat from North Dakota. The wheat was relatively free of diseased or damaged kernels and has no sprout damage. The percentage of shrunken and broken kernels, and total defects were both lower than those reported for the 1971 crop. The seeding of the 1972 hard red spring wheat crop was considerably later than usual.
Date: 1973
Subject: Wheat
Crop quality
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9793

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