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The Shott Collection and Weber Reading Room are made possible by a generous gift to the NDSU Libraries by Mary Lou Shott, nèe Weber.

The Shott Collection includes award-winning and popular fiction and non-fiction material on all subjects: travel, science, history, exercise, food, and much more. The mission of the collection is to curate a collection of materials that allow students to explore new subjects, spark their imagination, and encourage a passion for reading.  The Weber Reading Room, which holds the Shott Collection, is named in honor of Mary Lou’s parents.

Mary Lou Shott believes that, “Great universities require excellent library resources. I believe a quality library is a crucial element in providing a foundation for lifelong learning and in supporting the skills needed to thrive in a global world.”

Email the Humanities Librarian to suggest a new title for the Shott Collection.

Last updated: 9/19/2017