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Gray Literature

Gray literature is generated by researchers and practitioners in various fields but it is not controlled by commercial publishing. Producers of gray literature include governments, industry, advocacy or other organizations (for example: Greenpeace, NGO's, the United Nations) that produce information in the form of reports, data, or policies rather than by publishing scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals.

What is in this guide?

Sections one through three function as an introduction to what gray literature is, how it can be used, tips for finding it, and how to evaluate it. The first three sections can be used as a tutorial about gray literature. Section four contains a broad variety of online sources of gray literature covering many different disciplines including engineering, health, social sciences, psychology and more. The resources are categorized by literature type (such as technical reports or preprints) and discipline to make choosing the proper resource easier to determine. Please feel free to skip the tutorial and go straight to the resources if you are already familiar with the use of gray literature.

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Last updated: 11/4/2016