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Impact Metrics

A variety of metrics can be used to quantitatively evaluate academic productivity and the impact your work has in your field. You can use this information to demonstrate the influence and importance of your research to potential funders and to NDSU. Metrics can also be used to identify top researchers in your field and the best journals for publishing your research. Important considerations to keep in mind: There is no one perfect tool for measuring impact. Each tool uses its own measurement systems and may evaluate data in very different ways. Also, where you choose to gather your data can have a big impact on what your metrics look like. It is recommended that you diversify and utilize more than one metric and be thorough in researching where your publications are indexed to get the most complete view possible of your work. Many academics are beginning to call for more complex and qualitative methods for analyzing their work and potential for future research. For an alternative view of the use of impact metrics in the evaluation of academic work see the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) initiated by the American Society for Cell Biology. Please contact your subject librarian for more information. We would be happy to meet with you individually, schedule workshops or present at departmental meetings if you would like more instruction in how to use these metrics.

Last updated: 7/28/2015