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PubMed Tutorial

PubMed is a leading database for health sciences research. Because it is developed by the National Library of Medicine, it is freely available on the web, and as such, is a key resource for health professionals throughout their careers.

While PubMed is easy to access from Google, NDSU Libraries have customized parts of PubMed to make searching and accessing articles easier for students and faculty. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you navigate to PubMed through the library website to access these features. If you hover over the Databases link on the Libraries’ home page, you are able to find and click the PubMed link.

Altermatively, you can go directly to PubMed

The following tutorials have been created to utlilize PubMed's resources to aid in your research. 

Pubmed: Basic Searching

Pubmed: Searching Tips and Tricks

Advanced Search/Using MeSH 

Last updated: 7/18/2016