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Three Of A Kind

This town in which I was driving cab was considered to be a pretty good convention town. These conventions were always a shot in the arm for the cab business, as well as other businesses in the area. Most businesses that profited by these gatherings were very legitimate operations. But some were not, like the business run by a certain female who was a procurer of companions for any conventioneer who desired one. She kept a list of call girls who were available upon call at any hour of the day or night.

This convention that was in progress was being held by some statewide sales organization and was scheduled for a five day run. Upon coming to work on this Monday evening, I was dispatched to the convention headquarters where I was to meet this procuress. I knew her only as “Betty”, same as all of the other cab drivers. Many of us had delivered her girls on more than one occasion.

As soon as I pulled up in front of the headquarters hotel, Betty came out and got into my cab. She gave me the names and address's of three girls and said I was to pick them up and bring them back to the hotel. The first address on the list proved to be a motel on the south end of town. Upon my arrival, my passenger was ready and waiting. As she came out of the door, she turned to a man standing in the middle of the room and said, “Don't wait up for me, honey. This could be an all night trick.”

I took her, as instructed, back to the hotel and then proceeded to the second address on my list-a cheap upstairs hotel. After locating number 2's room, I told her her cab was waiting and I then went downstairs and sat for quite a spell before she finally came down. As she crossed the sidewalk, I noticed she was somewhat unsteady and appeared to be a little drunk. I figured that would stand her well for her night's work. She, too, was dropped off at the same hotel.

My third and last pick-up on my list was on the fourth floor of a very nice apartment building located in the better part of town. The apartment I had listed was # 409. I found the proper apartment and rang the bell. As the door opened by a very attractive woman, I could see beyond the living room inside. On into the dining room were two young children of about 6 or 7 years old seated at the table eating their evening meal with I could only guess was their father. The woman immediately stepped out into the hall closing the door behind her. In a subdued voice, she told me to go back to the hotel and tell Betty that something had come up, and that she could not get away right now but that she would try and get away later on. I returned to the hotel, located Betty, and gave her the message from number 3. She seemed disappointed, but paid me off and rejoined her company.


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