Elias G. E. Dorge

Business years 1911 - 1915
Business address 112 Broadway :1911-1912 (Dorge & Jansrud)

56 Broadway: 1911-1912 (Dorge & Jansrud)

  612 Front Street: 1913-1915

Elias G. E. Dorge was born in Stavanger, Norway on February 6, 1863 and immigrated to America in 1881.  He lived in Brooklyn, New York for two years before moving on to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he worked as a photographer for twenty-eight years.

He was married to Dorthea Batne who had come from Stavanger, Norway in 1885.  They had a son Richard and a daughter. Dorge came to Fargo in 1911 first as a partner in Dorge & Jansrud photography, located at 112 Broadway and 56 Broadway (Kaufman Block).  In 1913 Dorge is listed as being on his own at 612 Front Street.

Elias Dorge died suddenly of alcohol poisoning on May 3, 1915.  His wife died in February 1920 in Minneapolis.

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Photographers of Fargo, N.D.
Institute for Regional Studies,
North Dakota State University,
Fargo 2001