John C. Jansrud

Business years 1910 - 1914
Business address 112 Broadway:(1910, 1911-1912 as Dorge & Jansrud, 1912-1914)
  56 Broadway: 1911-1912


John C. Jansrud was born in May 3, 1871 in Norway.  He immigrated to the United States in 1887. There was a John C. Jansrud who served as a professor in design and engraving at Willmar Seminary in Willmar, Minnesota from 1894-1905, this could be the same person, but it is yet to be proven. As a photographer, John C. Jansrud operated a studio in Mayville, N. D. from about 1904 to 1910.

In 1910 he opened Jansrud Photo Studio at 112 Broadway, having purchased the Swem Studio. In 1911 he was in partnership with Elias Dorge, as Dorge and Jansrud, with two locations, 112 Broadway and 56 Broadway. By early 1912 Jansrud was alone again, as J. C. Jansrud. According to the 1913 city directory his business was at 112 Broadway.  Also around 1913 he went into partnership with Fred Gesecus of New York City, as Jansrud Studio.

Mr. Gesecus had worked at the Dupont Studio in New York City for fifteen years and was known as an expert finisher.  The partnership apparently did not last long, for in about 1914 Jansrud sold his business to E.B. McCracken.

After Mr. Jansrud left Fargo, he may have gone to South Dakota for a time. Around 1930 he moved to Twin Falls, Idaho where he operated a studio over the C. C. Anderson Golden Rule Store. He died in Twin Falls on October 6, 1936 of a ruptured appendix.

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