Richard T. Grosz

Business years 1934-1937 (moved to Moorhead, Minnesota, 1937-1970)
Business address 1009 So. 4th Street: 1934-1936
  16-22 Broadway: Herbst Dept. Store, 1936-1937

Richard T. Grosz was born in New Leipzig, North Dakota on March 22, 1906.He came to Fargo in 1926 with the intention of joining the U.S. Navy, but instead he became interested in photography.On May 1, 1927 he married Hazel Hammer of Fertile, Minnesota.They had six children.

During his first few years in Fargo, he worked on an ice crew until his business was able to support itself. His first studio was located in the basement of his home at 1009 South 4th Street in Fargo. In 1936 he moved his studio to the basement of the Herbst Department Store.

In 1937 he moved his business over to Moorhead, Minnesota where he bought the Flaten-Oloye Studio at 405 Center Avenue.He once again moved his studio to 610 Center Avenue in 1942.It remained at this site until it was destroyed by fire on October 30, 1967.

Many irreplaceable negative files were lost in this fire, including many historic glass negatives belonging to O.E. Flaten.A new studio was constructed at 202 8th Street South.In 1967, Richardís son David became a partner with his father, and he took over the business in 1970.Richard Grosz died on June 28, 1972.


People known to have worked for Richard T. Grosz:

Rotzien, Earl L.
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1930s  photographers



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