John Hubertz article

John A. Hubertz

Business years 1907 - 1936
Business address 618 2nd Avenue North: as Electric Light Studio, 1907-1911
  56 Broadway: 1913
  612 1/2 Front Street: 1917-1919
  604 1/2 Front Street: 1922-1932
  602 1/2 Front Street: 1934-1936

John Hubertz was born April 6, 1870 in Kentland, Indiana.  Mr. Hubertz was educated in Indiana and married Theresa Benner in 1895. They had four children:  Gerald, who died in World War I, Herbert, Rita, and Ramona. 

In 1897 they moved to Des Moines, Iowa and a year later came to Fargo. From 1899 to 1902 he worked for photographer C.F. Stene.

John A. Hubertz - 1906
Atlas of Cass County North Dakota 1906

In 1904 he is listed as manager at the J.J Freeman Studio in the Edwards Block.  In 1907 he opened his own business at 618 2nd Avenue North and named it the “Electric Light Studio,” he used the new electric light method.  The business moved to several different locations in Fargo, finally ending up at 604 1/2 Front Street.

Around 1938 Mr. and Mrs. Hubertz moved to Fowler, Indiana.  Mrs. Hubertz died in 1948, and John moved to Jacksonville, Florida to be near his daughter, Rita.  He died there on April 28, 1955.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Hubertz were buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Fargo.

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