Charles F. Stene

Business years 1899-1902
Business address 13 5th Street South: 1899-1901
  65 1/2 Broadway: 1902

Charles F. Stene was born in Wisconsin in April 1862.  He wife’s first name was Bertha, and they were married about 1895 in Minnesota.  He first appears in an 1898 city directory as living with Robert M. Stene at 13 5th Street South and by 1899 he apparently had taken over the studio of Robert Stene.  John A. Hubertz managed his studio from 1899 to about 1902.  Stene was involved in the clothing business as well, since the 1899-1900 city directory lists a C.F. Stene and Albert Peterson in business together as clothiers.  The 1900 business gazetteer also lists C. F. Stene as operating photography studios in Hatton and Aneta, North Dakota, and he is still involved in the clothing trade.  By 1902 he had moved his studio to 65 ˝ Broadway but apparently leaves Fargo shortly thereafter.

In the 1910 census he was living in San Mateo, California with his wife and children, Thomas and Eleanor, and his brother Robert. At the time he was employed as a telegraph operator for Western Union. In 1930 he was living in Los Angeles, employed as a carpenter.  

People known to have worked for Charles F. Stene:

Rentschler, John J., 1857-1938
John J. Rentschler was born in Akron, Ohio on November 14, 1857.  He was married to Elizabeth Stock in about 1892, and they had two children Marie and Phillip.  Mr. Rentschler may have become involved in photography from 1884 to 1887 when the Bestic & Logan studio shared the same building as the Rentschler & Schoeninger butcher shop at 204 Broadway. Mr. Rentschler is listed in the 1900 census as a photographer.  He was a next-door neighbor to Charles F. Stene and may have been working for him at the time.  He worked as a butcher for 50 years in Fargo.  He died June 17, 1938. name="Rent"

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