James R. Logan

Business years 1892 - 1893, (1893 as Logan & Hansen)
Business address 101 Broadway


The brother of Samuel H. Logan, James R. Logan was born about 1866 in Canada.

He is first listed in the 1883 Fargo city directory as a teamster.He then worked as a clerk for the Northern Pacific Railroad until his brotherís death in 1892.At that time he took over his brotherís photographic studio.

After the Fargo fire of 1893, he went into partnership with Hans T. Hanson.That October a Cooperstown, N.D. newspaper states he had arrived there and opened a photo gallery across from the Palace Hotel.He had sold his Fargo studio to H. S. Greene around December 1893. In 1895, he was then listed as a clerk with Yoder & Lewis.

After 1896 Mr. Logan moved to El Cajon, California.

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Photographers of Fargo, N.D.
Institute for Regional Studies,
North Dakota State University,
Fargo 2001