Olson & Barnes

Business years 1899-1900
Business address 12 10th Street N.
224 N.P. Avenue

Andrew C. Olson
Andrew C. Olson was born in January of 1876 in Sigdal, Norway and came to America in 1892.  By 1899 he and Wallace D. Barnes had opened a studio at 224 N.P. Avenue in Fargo, but the partnership did not last long. According to the 1900 Fargo city directory, Olson boarded at 414 Fourth Street North in Fargo.  In the 1900 census, a Mike Olsen is listed at the same address, likely the same person.

Mr. Olson operated his own studio until 1902, moving to the Smith Block at 25 Broadway for a short time. By 1910 he had moved to Mt. Vernon, Washington where he operated a studio.

Wallace D. Barnes
Wallace D. Barnes appears only in the 1899/1900 Fargo city directory in partnership with Andrew C. Olson as Olson & Barnes and located at 244 N.P. Avenue.  At that time he was boarding at the Elliott Hotel, but by June 1900 he was no longer living in North Dakota.  Nothing more is known regarding Mr. Barnes.

1890s photographers



Photographers of Fargo, N.D.
Institute for Regional Studies,
North Dakota State University,
Fargo 2001

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