Walter H. Schramm

Business years 1934 - 1936 as Genelli Studio
  1936 as Chial Genelli Studio
  1936 - 1974 as Schramm's Studio
Business address 23 1/2 Broadway: 1934-1936
  4 1/2 Broadway South: 1936 as Chial Genelli Studio
  621 7th Street South: 1936-1938
  403 9th Street South: 1940
  2 1/2 Broadway: 1942-1954
  515 N.P. Avenue: Metropole Hotel 1955-1961
  376 8th Avenue South :1962-1974



Walter H. Schramm was born on November 18, 1897 in Leaf Valley, Minnesota.  He was a graduate of Winona School of Photography and operated studios in Omaha, Nebraska, Sioux City, Iowa, and Washington, D.C.

In 1934 he came to Fargo and opened Genelli Studio.  In 1936 he was associated for a short time with Alfred Chial, the business called Chial-Genelli Studio. He was a photographer in Fargo until his death on February 16, 1974. 

He advertised that he used “The Mirror Way, its the most modern method in photography today, exclusively owned.” 

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Photographers of Fargo, N.D.
Institute for Regional Studies,
North Dakota State University,
Fargo 2001