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The Fred Hultstrand History in Pictures Collection reflects the changing times in North Dakota from its infancy in the late 1870s to the first half of the twentieth century. Hultstrand collected and photographed images of the people, the buildings, the social scenes, and the technology which transformed his generation from the frontier era into the America we know today.

This exhibit was developed by Great Plains Software of Fargo, N.D. in 1996 as part of their commitment to promote the "Pioneer Spirit" of this region. They have graciously given the exhibit to the Institute for Regional Studies, the repository of the original Hultstrand images.

Collage of Hultstrand's work, 35k Enter the Exhibit
The everyday lives of pioneers who built dreams from land and sky.

Collage of Hultstrand's work, 35k About Hultstrand
The life story of one of North Dakota's most prolific photographers.

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