Collage of Hultstrand's work, 18k

The Institute for Regional Studies at North Dakota State University, in cooperation with Great Plains Software, takes great pride in presenting this collection which captures North Dakota's heritage in ways that words never could.

Sod Houses
As these eight photographs show, the pioneers built their homes literally from the ground up.

Farming Life
From giant threshers to winter snowstorms, these six photographs document the early days of prairie farming.

Prairie Society
Eight images offer a glimpse of everyday life as prairie communities began to grow.

The Fred Hultstrand History in Pictures Collection contains over 500 strong images of North Dakota and the surrounding region's people and places. This exhibit is but a small cross section of the Institute's extensive visual collections, and one of its most valuable and used resources.

Having actively collected visual as well as archival records for over forty-five years, the Institute has established itself as one of the premier historical repositories in the state of North Dakota. While it preserves and makes publicly available to all interested users an impressive photographic collection, known for its breadth and depth, the Institute also encourages those who may have photograph and negative collections to contact us. Preserving your photographs and negatives in a public archival repository would allow you to make a significant contribution to the history of North Dakota and the surrounding region, by helping with the continuing effort to document the great changes that have taken place in the lives of this region's people.

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