Daily Argus

Daily Argus building.

The Daily Argus was established in 1879 by Major Alanson W. Edwards. The location of the building was described by Edwards as "the rear end of the lot on Front Street next to where Mr. DeLendricie's store is now." The building faced Seventh Street. An 1883 etching of the building is shown to the right.Fire destroyed the Argus building on March 26, 1886.


Daily Argus building.

A new building was built (see photograph to the right) but Edwards was not able to recover from the losses of the fire and James J. Hill (the Great Northern railroad magnate who held controlling interest in the paper) forced Edwards from the paper and George K. Shaw, a noted Minneapolis editor, took over in October 1891. There was also a Weekly Argus and a Sunday Argus at various times. The paper continued to be published until 1901 when it merged with the Morning Call to form the Morning Call and Fargo Daily Argus. Pictured to the left is office of the Daily Argus and the Record (an illustrated monthly). Below are pictured C.A. Lounsberry (Editor of the Daily Argus and the Record), W.J. Higgins (Secretary and General Solicitor of the Record Publishing Company), and A.B. McDonald (Manager and Treasurer of the Record Publishing Company).


C.A. Lounsberry.

A.B. McDonald.

W.J. Higgins.