Early Streetcars

Fargo's first streetcar system was a horse-drawn line established in 1879 by Jacob Lowell, Major A.W. Edwards, G. J. Keeney, E. S. Tyler, and C. A. Roberts. The line ran from the Great Northern railway tracks south on Broadway to Front Street, east to 9th Street, and. south to 13th Avenue. Fargo's streets were unpaved at the time and the tracks quickly settled into the mud where repairs were impossible. The line was abandoned but I am not sure when.

Construction of a second horse-drawn line began on May 23,1882. The new company was formed by J. S. Huntington, C. A. Roberts, C. W. Darling, E. S. Tyler, J. B. Raymond, W. A. Kindred, J. J. Shotwell, J. E. Haggart, J. S. Woodruff, W. A. Yerxa, and W. F. Ball. This line also ran from the Great Northern railroad tracks south on Broadway, west on Front Street to 9th Street. The line had two horse-drawn cars when it opened on June 7, 1882. Three months later, on September 18, 1882, the horse car barn and all equipment was destroyed in a fire. The line was abandoned.

The first successful streetcar system was electric and began in 1904.