Roberts Street

Roberts Street.

Roberts Street: the only only street in Fargo to be named after a person after enactment of the Ordinance of 1887. Roberts Street is shown with this name as early as 1881. It was named after Samuel G. Roberts, one of Fargo's earliest settlers and who also lived on the street at 202 Roberts Street. His house was later moved to 1115 8th Street South in 1920, when that area became fashionable for "better residences."

The 1913 postcard above misidentifies both the street name and the direction of view. We can see the fire department's horse-drawn wagons on display. Looking up the east (right) side of Roberts Street we see first the edge of the City Hall and Fire Department, then the back of the YMCA, and the Pioneer Life Insurance Building. Looking up the west (left) side of the street, we see the Gardner Hotel and the Post Office and Federal Building. In the distant center of the picture we can see the spire of St. Mary's Cathedral.

Not many businesses faced Roberts Street. Almost all were on the corners of Roberts Street and the avenues so the list of businesses below are often a cross-reference to the Avenues on which they face.

Corner of Roberts Street and N.P. Avenue

Northwest Corner: Schlanser-Ostby Company; also Schlanser & Sons
Northeast Corner: City Hall and Fire Department
22-24 Roberts Street: Marsh and Loomis Livery Stable

Corner of Roberts Street and 1st Avenue

Northwest Corner: Post Office and Federal Building
Northeast Corner: Pioneer Life Insurance Building
Southwest Corner: Gardner Hotel
Southeast Corner: YMCA
112 Roberts Street: AOUW Building
119 Roberts Street: Pantorium Laundry and Dry Cleaners

Corner of Roberts Street and 2nd Avenue

Northwest Corner: Post Office
Northeast Corner: Columbia Hotel; Fargo Public Library
Southwest Corner: Aakers Business College, Interstate Business College
Southeast Corner: Opera House
202 Roberts Street: S. G. Roberts Residence