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    Editorial Staff (1945)
  • Infectious Equine Encephalomyelitis in North Dakota in 1944 

    Unknown author (1945)
    The infection rate of both horses and mules in North Dakota encephalomyelitis are compared to overall U.S. rates and for those vaccinated against such vs those not. Mortality rates for those not receiving vaccination was ...
  • A Brief History of Wheat Variety Changes on Farms in North Dakota 

    Stoa, T. E. (1945)
    An overview of various wheat varieties on North Dakota from 1842 to the early 1940's is covered in detail. Red Fife came from Canada in 1842. Other varieties emerged to fill the gap. Cross breeding produced new varieties. ...
  • Duck Damage 

    Saugstad, Stanley (1945)
    An overview on damages to grain crops by ducks is discussed with trampling and feeding upon the crops as being loss of produce and income. In addition, later and delayed harvesting periods, changes in harvesting methods ...
  • Moldy Grain Can Cause Livestock Losses 

    Foss, J. O. (1945)
    The usage of moldy grains being fed to livestock and poultry is discussed. The drying of the grain combined with high temperatures may kill some spores. Toxicity varies with each type of mold. The mortality rate of such ...
  • Corn Harvesting Methods and Utilization in North Dakota 

    Unknown author (1945)
    A simple table is given giving numbers on the various types of methods used to harvest crops in North Dakota in 1943 is created. 6.9% of crops were hand harvested and 93.1% were cut by machine.
  • Land Market Activity in North Dakota First Quarter, 1945 

    Berger, Robert L.; Engelking, Reuben (1945)
    North Dakota land prices for four counties in the first quarter of 1945 are compared with those numbers of the last quarter ending 1944. Prices remained a steady 67% higher than those figures for 1941's average. factors ...
  • Pullorum and Paratyphoid in North Dakota Turkeys 

    Evelth, D. F.; Foss, J. O.; Nelson, C. I. (1945)
    Data is presented on the findings of five control groups of turkeys, whether young or mature, and methods to reduce these infections incidence. During 1944 to 1945, research was conducted to detect agglutinins for pullorums ...
  • Dehydrated Potatoes for Fattening Pigs 

    Longwell, J. H.; Buchanan, M. L. (1945)
    The feasibility of feeding pigs dehydrated potatoes is examined. Raw potatoes can be eaten by cows and sheep. Pigs cannot eat these. Second grade potatoes not fit for human consumption were postulated as being a potential ...
  • James Renfrew Dice 

    Unknown author (1945)
    The article is an extended obituary for a professor very actively involved in the dairy market of him time 1908 to 1945.
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    Editorial Staff (1945)