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    • Critical Information Retrieval from Emails 

      Sen, Souvik (North Dakota State University, 2014)
      With efficiency being a driving force in today’s ecommerce, emails have become a major form of communication. However, deciphering information from these emails has been a be-labored task. With every email containing ...
    • Signature Extraction from E-Mails 

      Muttineni, Divya (North Dakota State University, 2016)
      Detecting user identity information from the email is one of the predominant exploring topics in data mining. One approach is to extract signature from the body of emails. Those names are usually suitable for representing ...
    • Text Mail - On Demand Email to SMS Service 

      Wijeyaratne, Pubudu (North Dakota State University, 2012)
      Short Messaging Service (SMS)-based mobile information services have become increasingly common around the world, especially among users with low-end mobile devices. This paper presents the design and implementation of ...