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  • Using Architecture to Enhance the Ballpark Experience: NDSU Softball Complex Renovation 

    Heintzman, Haley; Heintzman, Haley (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    What role does architecture do to improve experience in the ballpark stadium settin regarding all users? Ballparks have been one of the biggest entertainment hostpots for almost 200 years. They have gone through many changes ...
  • Designing for the Homeless 

    Bakke, Joseph; Bakke, Joseph (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, psyche is defined as the soul, mind, or personality of a person or group (Hacker). I am researching the homeless population to better understand their psyche. I believe that If I ...
  • Supplementing the ADA Design Standards: Addressing Mental Health and Illness through Standards of Design Adopted from the WELL Building Standard 

    Mueller, Amy A.; Mueller, Amy A. (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    The 2010 ADA Design Standards were originally crafted to allow people with disabilities access to the built environment, including public accommodations, commercial facilities, and state and local government facilities. ...
  • Thesis Research: Project Program 

    McLaughlin, Augustin; McLaughlin, Augustin (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    The research conducted for the Park City project involved analyzing the real estate market of Manhattan. Data was gathered in order to create an accurate commercial space program with an optimal amount of office, retail, ...
  • Making Privately-Funded Mixed-Use NFL Stadium Development Feasible: A Washington DC Case Study 

    Scott, Jake; Scott, Jake (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    This research investigates if mixed use designed within the stadium itself can generate revenue that equals a typical stadium subsidy, which would create justification for a privately-funded venue. Because the Washington ...
  • Urban Housing: Building for the Body and the Mind 

    Mahalingam, Ganapathy (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    The goal of this research report is to encourage critical thought on the architecture of urban housing, and to provide alternatives to paradigm of archetypal design solutions. Research within this report explores various ...
  • Representing Music in Architecture 

    Lakeman, Makayla; Lakeman, Makayla (North Dakota State University, 2018)
  • The Integration of Architecture and Empowerment: Inserting Architectural Design into Refugee Camps to Empower Refugees Worldwide 

    Salmela, Laura; Salmela, Laura (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    How can the insertion of architecture and design into refugee habitats empower refugees individually and collectively in specific locations globally? The goal of this research project is to discover ways in which the design ...
  • The Potentials of BIM: Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration 

    Muckenhirn, Josh; Muckenhirn, Josh (North Dakota State University, 2013)
    The goal of this study is ultimately to discover and document various methodologies for integrating and linking numerous documents to one 3D Model. Through this investigation, I hope to successfully document, step-by-step, ...
  • Building on Water: Studying the Effects of Buoyancy on Architectural Forms 

    Nagel, Mitchell; Nagel, Mitchell (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    Our planet is 71% water and 29% land. That land is filling up quick and is going to look a lot smaller for the coming generations. With an ever-growing world population, that is already at almost 7.5 Billion people, we are ...
  • Architecture for the Third Place: How design Can Promote Thirt-Place Activities in an Indoor, Urban, Midwestern Context 

    Marsh, Rachel; Marsh, Rachel (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    This research began with the goal of designing an ideal indoor public space for Fargo, North Dakota�s frigid winters. To understand the best design for the proposed public space, a broader question is posed: How can ...
  • Examining Diverse Learning Spaces and Their Effect on Student Learning 

    Ertl, Tyler; Ertl, Tyler (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    Education has been at the forefront of all cultures since the beginning of time. Its significance, often described and held to different standards throughout the world, has often relied on its instructors, setting, and ...
  • Urban Stadia: Integrating Stadium Design with Mixed-Use Building Tactics to Rejuvenate an Urban Neighborhood 

    Borgen, Mitchell Clark; Borgen, Mitchell Clark (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    Sporting stadiums impact the socio-economic capabilities in all of the areas in which they exist. Some have a good impact, they are able to fully integrate into the urban environment and benefit the area through areas ...
  • Spatial Arrangements in Surgery Centers and Clinics: A Simulation Approach 

    Bednar, Greg; Bednar, Greg (North Dakota State University, 2014)
    The goal of the research position was to use AnyLogic, a process modeling software, to model and simulate ambulatory care facilities. Using different metrics such as employee utilization, employee walking distances, room ...
  • Wind Study 

    Klindworth, Amy; Klindworth, Amy (North Dakota State University, 2014)
    Wind and snow are two factors which have the ability to heavily impact a building. Understanding how these forces act upon and interact with the building and site help designers respond to the conditions and prevent ...
  • Flexibility in Modern Office Environments 

    Schrader, Alex; Schrader, Alex (North Dakota State University, 2014)
    The way people work, the way the want to work, the environments they work in, and the people working are changing every day. Historical trends have seen preemptive assumptions about the future of workplace design, leading ...
  • Learning Environments: How Space Can Stimulate the Learning Process 

    Fadley, Alicia; Fadley, Alicia (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    When stimulating the brain and its creativity in learning one needs to focus not on how to drive information in, but instead excite and inspire. The premise for this thesis is in focusing on the topic of space and how it ...
  • The Beauty of the Past 

    Miller, Joe; Miller, Joe (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    An attraction to the past is a natural interest in people, we are always interested I where we came from in the hopes to see where we are going. Along with this interest of the past there is a similar interest to the ruins ...
  • The Relationship of the Space and the Sacred 

    Vang, Hue; Vang, Hue (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    The word sacred brings to mind, a space that is holy and religious. Although in the current generation, sacred is not just about the holy and religious but more about the mental peace of the mind. A sacred space thrives ...
  • The Limitations of Simulation Software in Architectural Design 

    Hanson, Shannon; Hanson, Shannon (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    Pedestrian simulation software is a design tool that can be useful in helping designers make designs informed by the movement of pedestrians through a defined space. This study looked at the application of the software to ...

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