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    • A Petri Net Based Simulation for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 

      Mehta, Puneet (North Dakota State University, 2019)
      Nowadays more and more Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are being mass produced and are being used for a lot of activities like exploring never before explored areas of the world, recreational work, rescue missions etc. In ...
    • Petri Net Model for Smart Grid System 

      Pandey, Anand Swaroop (North Dakota State University, 2014)
      The concept of a smart grid is to provide self-healing, reliable, economic, and environment friendly energy-saving, sustainable electricity services to the users including the freedom to choose and set priorities according ...
    • Using Learning Theory in a Hypermedia-Based Petri Net Modeling Tutorial 

      Anu, Vaibhav Kumar (North Dakota State University, 2013)
      The primary aim of this paper is to examine the dominant schools of thought in relation to educational theories and learning styles and in what manner various hypermedia technologies can be integrated into educational ...