Bestic & Logan


Business years 1884 - 1886
Business address 204 Broadway (after 1884 numbered 105 Broadway)

Arthur E. Bestic

Arthur E. Bestic was born in Dublin, Ireland on August 24, 1862.  He came to the United States in 1881 and moved directly to Fargo and began farming.  He farmed for only eighteen months when he began to work for the Evening Post newspaper in Fargo. After only five months the newspaper went out of business, and Mr. Bestic took a position at the Argus where he worked for twenty years. 


Only in the 1885 city directory and an 1886 gazetteer is he listed as a photographer, in partnership with S.H. Logan as Bestic & Logan. The studio was located at 204 Broadway, site of the Rentschler & Schoeninger butcher shop. By 1887 the partnership was ended, also ending Bestic's photography career.

In 1886 he married Minnie Oldham in Springfield, Ohio and they had a son named Arthur K. Bestic.  Minnie died in 1889, and in 1902 Bestic married Anna Dolesky of Wahpeton, North Dakota.  Together they had three sons.  After retiring from the Argus he worked for Walker Brothers of Fargo as a salesman.  Mr. Bestic died November 12, 1924 in Fargo.

Samuel H. Logan
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Photographers of Fargo, N.D.
Institute for Regional Studies,
North Dakota State University,
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