Dewey Studio

Business years 1908 - 1945  
Business address 24 Broadway: 1908-1918  
  317 Broadway: 1918-1924  
  216 1/2 Broadway: 1924-1936  
  104 12 Broadway: 1936-1945

Arthur W. Dewey, (470.1)


Archie Dewey  470.2

Arthur William Dewey was born July 25, 1860 in Arcadia, Wisconsin.In April 1879 his family moved to Jamestown, North Dakota, and he lived one mile south of the city.During this time he hauled freight to the Fort Totten Indian Reservation by team.

In 1883 Mr. Dewey opened a photography studio in Jamestown.He married Mary A. McGregor on November 18, 1885.On July 17, 1908 Mr. Dewey moved to Fargo, and with his son they opened Dewey Studio in the Edwards Block.Arthur Dewey died of pulmonary tuberculosis at his home on July 17, 1925.Mrs. Dewey died in 1942.


Archie L. Dewey was born on November 17, 1887 in Jamestown, North Dakota.After his graduation from high school, Mr. Dewey was employed with Northwestern Bell Telephone Company.

Archie Dewey learned the photography business with his father Arthur in Jamestown.He opened the Dewey Studio in Fargo in 1908, having purchased the business from James Drysdale.His father joined him in Fargo shortly thereafter and they continued in partnership until his fatherís death in 1925. Mr. Dewey married Irene Schroeder in Sabin, Minnesota on October 18, 1913.They had four children, Ronald, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Marian.

During World War II, Dewey joined with Clifton Voss and also worked with Fargo photographer Scherling.

Archie Dewey served as president of the Photographersí Association of America. During his years as a photographer, Dewey won numerous awards including one from the PAA in 1962 for his services to state photographers.This was the first such award made in North Dakota. Mrs Dewey died in 1975. Archie Dewey died on August 14, 1967.

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