Scherling Studio

Business years 1920 - Present
Business address 113 1/2 Broadway: 1920-1958
  313 Broadway: 1959-1980
  2801 13th Avenue South: 1980-current

Interior of Scherling Studios - 1960s   51.8.8

The Scherling Studio (also Scherlings, Scherling's Studio, and Scherling Studios Inc.)
The Scherling Studio dates back to 1919 when Arvid R. Scherling came to Fargo where he obtained an internship with Dewey Studio.In 1920 he opened his own studio at 113 1/2 Broadway, known also as the Owl Studio from at least 1925 to 1929.In 1924-1925 he was in business with his brother-in-law William Wagner as Scherling & Wagner.
For some years he also had a studio in Moorhead, Minnesota, managed by T.M. Fillmore.

Arvid R. Scherling was born in Pillager, Minnesota August 21, 1898.He began with photography in Little Falls, and Ortonville, Minnesota before coming to Fargo.On October 4, 1919 he married Sophia Wagner, and they had three children named Daniel, Mary, and Orlando.

In 1949 Arvid retired, turned the business over to his son Orlando, and moved to Los Angeles, California.In September, 1971 he returned to Fargo where he died on May 18, 1972.Mrs. Scherling died in 1984.

Orlando Scherling
Orlando Scherling was born August 12, 1921 in Fargo.He was a graduate of Fargo Central High in 1939 and attended North Dakota State University.He then spent one year at the School of Modern Photography in New York City.

On December 28, 1941 he married Billiette Skjonsby, and they had five sons named Jerry, Steven, Michael, Patrick, and Larry.In 1949 he took over his fatherís business. He remained at 113 1/2 Broadway until 1958, when they consolidated with Voss Studio and moved to 313 Broadway.

During the 1950s, Scherling opened branch studios in the Minnesota cities of Moorhead, Wadena, Marshall, and Minneapolis.He was the president of the North Dakota Professional Photographers Association in 1952, and was awarded a masterís degree from the Professional Photographers of America in 1956.Orlando and Billiette divorced in the 1960s, and Orlando remarried Sheila Kay Walker on May 25, 1969.

In the 1970s Orlandoís sons Patrick and Larry joined the studio.In February, 1980 the Fargo studio moved to a new location at 280113th Avenue South.Orlando died at his home on December 22, 1994.Currently Patrick and Larry Scherling operate the studio.

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People known to have worked for Scherling’s Studio:

Archie L. Dewey Jerry Gerner
Ray Evanger Willis Jallen
Rick Ferrar Dean Olmstead
Jim Fillmore Fred W. Rider
Tom Fillmore Earl L. Rotzien
Eugene Rudd Kenneth Belland
Dan Olson  

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