Alex Stern & Co.

Stern's Clothing

Alex Stern & Co. clothing store was started in 1881, when Alexander Stern came to Fargo. The first store was located on the southwest corner of Broadway and 2nd Avenue North. He continued his business there until 1885, when he built a two story building on Broadway at 56 Broadway. This building was destroyed by the Fargo Fire of 1893. Alexander Stern was very involved in the rebuilding of Fargo after the fire and was responsible for the construction of many buildings. His store continued in the location of 56 Broadway, and he constructed a building across the street that was named the Stern Building. In 1900 when he was working on a building that would fill the lot on the southwest corner of Broadway and N.P. Avenue, he was approached by Major Alanson Edwards, who asked “You’ve got one Stern building, what are you going to name this one?”. Alex Stern is said to have replied, “I’m going to name it the Edwards building,” and he did. The Alex Stern & Co. store moved into this building in 1903, and remained there for 51 years. After Alex Stern died, the store was operated by Maurice Kaufman and his sons, William and Sam. The store closed in February 1954, and was replaced by the S & L (Salkin & Linoff, Inc.) department store. The space later was taken over by the Herbst department store. Today the Edwards Building is home to the Old Broadway.

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