NP Avenue in the 1910s

NP Avenue in the 1910s.

This real photograph postcard from the 1910s looks east on NP Avenue from just east of Broadway.

On the left (north side) of N.P. Avenue we can see a billiards hall, the Elgin Dairy Lunch, and the Webster Hotel on the corner of 5th Avenue. The Webster Hotel barber shop has a pole in front and the dining room advertises Chop Suey. The two men in the horse-drawn buggy are unidentified.

NP Avenue in 1912.

This real photograph postcard from 1912 looks east on N.P. Avenue from just north of Broadway.

The only building still standing today is the former Fargo National Bank building on the northwest corner of N.P. Avenue and Broadway (the right-most building in the picture). At the left is the Orpheum Theater.