Amenia & Sharon Farm

Amenia & Sharon Farm.

The Amenia and Sharon Land Company was incorporated on July 14, 1875.

The picture to the left is cropped and enlarged from a stereoview taken 1876-1879.

There were 27 original stockholders, living in Amenia, New York, and Sharon, Connecticut. The largest stockholder was Eben W. Chaffee who went to Dakota Territory to select land for the new company.

On July 30, 1875, Chaffee secured for the company 27,831.66 acres in Cass County for $104,009.81. The land was located 20 miles west of Fargo on the NP Railroad.

In July of 1880, the Company built a depot and, later, a grain elevator at the nearby NP tracks. This was to become the town of Amenia.

Chaffee, who was just as powerful as Dalrymple but less well known, operated the farm as a single unit until his death in 1893.

An interesting postage stamp was made of this farm. Read more about it here.