Broadway in 1909

Looking north from NP Avenue

The most common view of downtown Fargo is "Broadway Looking North." The photographic postcard above, from 1909, is a marvelous picture of Broadway looking north from N.P. Avenue. Note on the left, the sign for the Democratic Headquarters. Moving north we see a billiards and bowling establishment. According the 1909 city directory, it was located at 58 Broadway, and owned by Carl E. Bruce. Also visible is a sign for Pirie's Cafe, located at 56 Broadway and owned by George Pirie. On the right (east) side of the picture we see Merchants National Bank; the Western Union Telegraph & Cable Service next door; and stores for furs, eats, furniture, and clothing. The street has a number of both automobiles and horse-drawn wagons. On the street itself we can clearly see the tracks for the street railway and above we can see the electric wires that powered the system.

Broadway circa 1910

This real photograph postcard looking north on Broadway from near Front Street (Main Avenue) is postmarked June 1909.