Francis Hall

Francis Hall.

Francis Hall, the second building built on the NDAC campus, was constructed in 1893 at a cost of $17,000. Originally called "The Dormitory," it housed 56 student in 28 sleeping rooms, a dining room seating 75, a reception area, and space for the "department of domestic economy." It was later named in honor of O. W. Francis, a former President of the Board of Directors of the College. Increased enrollment made it necessary to convert Francis Hall into classrooms and laboratories in 1899. The new space was used to house the laboratories in Horticulture, in Veterinary Science, in Agriculture, and in Household Economics. The postcard image above is dated 1911.

Through the years, the building was used for a variety of classes and laboratories until its demolition in 1961. (Note that the postcard image misspells the name of the building.)

On a portion of the site that was Francis Hall, now stands Hultz Hall, named after NDAC President Fred S. Hultz (1948-1961), established as the Animal Science and Entomology research building which was dedicated in November of 1978.